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Life is Short,
Build a Pond

Welcome to Oasis Water Gardens!

Luxury Pond Artists

At Oasis Water Gardens, we are passionate about transforming your backyard into a slice of paradise that is uniquely yours. Our designs are crafted to blend seamlessly into your outdoor space, providing a tranquil water ambiance that soothes the soul. Our commitment to authenticity means that every image, video, and story shared on our website showcases our real work – you won’t find any stock visuals here. Whether you're a newcomer to water gardens or a seasoned enthusiast, we're here to guide you through every step, ensuring you're informed and confident.  As the DMV's premier water garden specialist, we're dedicated to exceeding your expectations and bringing your dream backyard to life.

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Vacation At Home

An Epic Transformation

Dale's Pond Transformation

Dale's driveway housed an old fountain that was more of an eyesore than a feature. It not only malfunctioned but failed to reflect his adventurous spirit. Inspired by his love for the scenic ponds of the West, Dale sought a transformation that would bring those vast, natural landscapes into his own space.

Our goal was to design a pond that mirrored those captivating landscapes. The result? A natural pond that's not just a water feature but a narrative of Dale's travels and a sanctuary for relaxation.


Dive into the transformation process in the video above.

We detail each step of creating Dale's dream pond!

A Dream Realized

From Garden to Oasis

Cindy's Waterfall That Echoes Nature

For Cindy, a garden enthusiast with a deep love for her pets (including honeybees!) and the tranquil sound of cascading water. We crafted an extraordinary natural waterfall, intricately designed with numerous twists and turns, not just as a feature in her garden, but as a living, flowing expression of her love for nature. This creation has brought a symphony of water sounds to her doorstep, perfectly blending with her garden's natural beauty and providing a serene escape for her and her furry companions.

Koi Pond Inspired by Time in Japan

A weathered limestone pond and natural waterfall

will pic pond.jpg

Froggy Fan

Oasis was great, full stop. Amazing work ethic, fair pricing, superb creativity...and they don't stop until everything is the way it's supposed to be. I had an idea, they brought the vision to my incredible new koi pond. Professional and personable, they bring practical experience and simply deliver highest recommendation.

Will T
Cabin John, MD

Will's Koi Pond

Will really wanted that koi pond - he spent years researching it! Well, he finally found us and we were more than happy to help him turn his dream into a reality. We designed a beautiful, natural-looking pond made with weathered limestone - perfect for those fish to feel right at home. Thanks for trusting us, Will!

From Zero to Zen

A garden pond and waterfall


Froggy Fan

Oasis was a true JOY to work and be with. From the beginning phase of design to the end phase of planting the process of creating my waterfall and pond was a blast!!!

Margaret C
Buckeystown, MD

Margaret's Pond and Waterfall

Meet Margaret, the ultimate pond lover and tea connoisseur. Every morning, she sits on her amazing deck, sipping tea and admiring her aquatic kingdom. With a front-row seat to the fishy fashion show and the soothing soundtrack of the waterfall, Margaret's relaxation game is on point. So, why settle for a mediocre outdoor space when you can have your own little piece of paradise? Let us create a pond and waterfall that will make you feel like royalty, just like Margaret

From Dated to Dazzling

Pond Reimagined as a Backyard Centerpiece

Froggy Fan

Oasis was professional, knowledgeable and friendly. My new pond is gorgeous. It looks like the house and yard were built around a naturally flowing waterfall and we have seen so many interesting birds and creatures since it was completed. Highly recommend OWG for their professionalism and artistry.

Sarah B
Rockville, MD
BAB Photo 10X16 Pond 5ft Waterfall.jpg

Sarah's Pond

Sarah was faced with a pond that had seen better days: its unnatural appearance and a persistent leak detracted from her garden's potential. With a vision to enhance both functionality and aesthetic appeal, she enlisted our expertise for a comprehensive redesign. The outcome? A pond that not only fixes past problems but also becomes the heart of her constantly growing garden!

Unleash Your Backyard's Potential

A small garden waterfall

Froggy Fan

It was a pleasure to work with Gabby and Mike on our pondless waterfall! The installation was done neatly and efficiently. The design was perfect -- adding a very natural looking water feature next to our new conservation landscape. Two of our grandsons have already enjoyed dipping their toes in. We all find it a magical, soothing addition to our garden.

Gail S
Bethesda, MD

Gail's Waterfall

Once upon a time, Gail yearned for a little bit of magic in her backyard. She wanted something that would wow both the feathered and non-feathered guests alike. Lo and behold, our team of backyard wizards sprinkled some fairy dust, and voila! A tiny wonderland for the birds and grandkids to frolic in. Gail's family and friends couldn't believe their eyes when they saw the natural-looking masterpiece. Let's bring the magic to your backyard, too!

Backyard Wildlife Party Zone

pond,waterfall and native plants

Froggy Fan

Extremely easy to work with, perceptive and thoughtful, sensitive to protecting surrounding plants and trees... And then there's the pond. We saw them build it and we still can't believe there wasn't one there before. A lot of detail that makes everything seem just right. Oasis water gardens is a company for those that appreciate natural beauty that seems to have spontaneously arisen.

Silver Spring, MD

Kopal's Pond and Waterfall

Kopal had a space in her yard that was just begging for some love - and by love, we mean native plants and a killer pond. She wanted to give back to the local ecosystem and create a hangout spot for all the cool kids - bees, butterflies, and birds. We were happy to oblige and designed a gorgeous landscape with all the fixin's. The pond is especially amazing - it's like the hottest club in town for pollinators and birds alike. And if that wasn't enough, Kopal gets to soak it all in from her outdoor sauna. Now that's what we call backyard goals!

Froggy Fan

Video testimonial

Before and Afters

Who benefits from backyard water sources?

We all love to feed the birds. They need water too!

Honey Bees and pollinators also need water!

What better way to attract butterflies to the yard??

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