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Do you like the idea of a low maintenance, fast installation water feature?

Something a little more formal?

3 urns.png

A fountain may be perfect for you.

A fountain can be a combination of 1 or many of what we call decorative fountain toppers. See how it works with the diagram below

Stacked slate urn fountain toppers  

fountains use an underground basin (Aquabasin 45) to recirculate water from a (pump) to a (fountain topper). Boulders, riverstone and landscaping are used to add interest and texture. 


The combinations of designs available with different fountain toppers is ENDLESS.We can drill holes is boulders for a bubbling boulder effect. We can combine stacked slate spheres and urns in numerous patterns and configurations. 

spillway bowl 32_edited.png

Spillway bowl fountain topper  


We can add fire elements and lights to bring it to life at night  

or we can keep it simple and have one topper to fit in any space!

Fire spillway bowl fountain topper

It's a beautiful summer night sitting by your waterfall entertaining close friends and family. Enjoying a tasty dinner or maybe a glass of wine....or two. Listening to the gentle sounds of the water gently cascading.


Our fountains are priced based on how many fountain topper elements are in the designs. More toppers means larger basins and more complicated plumbing. 

Single fountain toppers- 3-4k

3-9 fountain toppers- 8-20k 

 9+ fountain toppers- 20k+ 

All urn and sphere fountain toppers are available in 3 sizes: small, medium and large

Weathered Limestone Pic_edited.png
1 scalloped sphere.webp
spillway bowl 32.webp
1 sphere.png
3 urns.png

stacked slate urns 

scalloped urn

spillway bowl

core drilled boulder

stacked slate sphere

single medium stacked slate urn fountain topper


single stacked slate sphere fountain topper

stacked slate sphere.jpg

spillway bowls fountain toppers

aquascape bowls.jpg

3 core drilled boulders

3 spillway bowls+3 stacked slate urns

Fountainscape 6.jpg

Giant fountainscape at the Q center outside chicago. This combines all elements into an over the top center piece for the Q center. This was built by a crew of Aquascape certified contractors

Giant fountainscape crop.jpg
1 sphere.png
1 sphere.png
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