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Do you like the idea of feeding fish everyday with your kids? How about having a living ECOSYSTEM in your backyard?

Pond 2.jpg

A pond may be perfect for you.

A pond can be the most rewarding addition to your backyard. See how it works with the diagram below


Ponds consist of a skimmer, to remove leaves and surface debris. A pump to circulate water to the filter(aka Biofalls). A pond liner and rocks and gravel to disguise all the components. When installed correctly none of these components should be visible and it should look completely natural!


Hey, you there! Have you ever thought about adding a pond to your yard? It's time to break the monotony of binge-watching and get the family off the couch. Let the enchanting power of water work its magic and create unforgettable memories outside!


Our ponds are priced by size(Square feet) and size of boulders. Example a 10x14 pond is 140 Square feet. Big machine set boulders are more expensive than smaller hand set boulders. As a general rule larger ponds work better with bigger boulders. However all ponds look best with a variety of sizes! Access and slop of the yard will also be factored into the price. The pond prices(price tags on bottom right of each pond picture) below are designed to give you an approximate price to what you may be imagining in your yard.  


All ponds are designed with a waterfall. The waterfall is necessary for proper circulation and filtration. Waterfalls can be small right on the edge of the pond OR they can be long waterfalls with twists and turns!

8X10 Pond
5 Ft  Waterfall (11"drop)


7X10 Pond
10ft Waterfall (13"drop)
Mongolian Basalt Columns

10X14 Pond
3 Ft Waterfall (11"drop)

10x16 Pond
5ft Waterfall (16"drop)

BAB Photo 10X16 Pond 5ft Waterfall.jpg

8x18 pond
2 Waterfalls
3ft (18"drop) 3ft (12"drop)


13X18 Pond
3 Ft Waterfall (8"drop)
goes under deck!

20x25 Pond
5ft Double Waterfall (24"Drop)
Color Lights,Aerators, 2 Skimmers


10x14 Pond
5ft Waterfall (30"drop)

13x16 pond
3ft waterfall (8"drop)

Marie pond at night.JPG

12x18 Pond
15ft Waterfall (24"drop)
Spillway Bowls and Intake Bay


10x14 Pond
8ft Waterfall (24"drop)
Weathered Limestone,Negative Edge

10x12 pond
10ft Deep Stream
8ft Waterfall (18"drop)
Spillway Fire Bowl,Stacked Slate Sphere,Bridge

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