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 Oasis Water Gardens is committed to making the sales and installation process of custom water features simple, so you know what to expect every step of the way. We want you to feel informed and excited. That is why we have a commitment to 24 hour or less response time for any and all questions or concerns. We know nothing is more frustrating than poor communication and we want you to feel relaxed and assured with your decision.  









1. First Contact--Either via phone or website. We will ask all clients to fill out our website onboarding form. This not only keeps track of information it also provides an opportunity for clients to discuss their goals and dreams.

2. Phone Consultation-This our chance to dive in and ask you important questions about your goals and desires for your project. We may ask if you want fish or frogs, if certain plants are important or if this should be designed with kids or pets in mind. This is also your chance to ask us any questions you want. Here is a link to our FAQ. We invite everyone to take our quiz that we designed to help you figure out what project is right for you! 

3. Sharing previous projects- This is an opportunity to share projects that are similar to what we have discussed during the phone consultation. We also like to share some videos and client stories to give a good sense of the transformations that are possible! A lot of these are also available browsing the website. 

4. In person consultation- During the in person consultation we will come out to your property with a 2d cut out of your yard and water feature. This gives us the opportunity to work with you to figure out exactly how you want the water feature placed in your space. We will give you our advice but want it to be up to you ultimately. Once we have decided on the location on the 2d drawing , we will spray paint it out in your yard. Keep in mind that projects will look much smaller in spray paint than they will once they are constructed.

5. Basic drawing and estimate- After the consultation we will have all the information and dimensions we need to give you a basic 2d drawing. If you would like a 3d drawing we do have that ability it is a 500-dollar charge. We generally only recommend a 3d drawing if there is extensive landscaping in the design.

6. Deposit- Project design is finalized. There is a 1/3 deposit to get on the schedule and to lock your materials from our supplier.

7. On the schedule- We will send a list of a few proposed dates to start your project. Once you select the best time for you, we will send you a calendar invite for the start of construction. Time to get excited!

8. One week follow up- We like to hop on a quick call one week after your deposit to make sure there are no unanswered lingering questions that may have come up.

9. Pre construction layout meeting- The pre construction meeting is used to go over where materials will be staged and what to expect during the construction process. Our goal is to keep the construction process from disrupting your regular day life and keep you at ease. This is usually scheduled 1-2 weeks out from the actual construction. This meeting will be used to set all expectations and get you prepared for the upcoming transformation!

10. Construction- Today is the day, you have been waiting a long time and we can finally begin the transformation. Materials will arrive at your property and they will be placed in the marked spots from the pre-construction meeting. We will usually have some heavy equipment, generally an excavator. We will send you a timelapse video of the progress each day.


11. Client story video on website- We like to create a client story with all of our projects that we can feature on our website. This will include some before afters, as well as some time lapse and construction footage. Most clients love this part and you will have something to remember the whole experience by! We also like to feature one story every month on the homepage of the website!

12. Two week follow up- We like to tell customers to live with their water feature for 2 weeks and to write down and unanswered questions that may arise at that time. We can answer all of these questions at the follow up as well as taking a picture for the photo albums!

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