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Welcome to Your Pond Cleaning Service  

the solution to all your pond cleaning needs!

Let me guess, your pond is in need of a good cleaning... 

but you're having trouble finding a reliable service that responds quickly and provides easy scheduling options? 

 We are here to help!

 Our company is dedicated to simplifying the process of booking and scheduling a pond cleaning. 

We guarantee a free quote in 24 hours!

All you need to do is text us a picture of your pond, and answer a few questions. You can find all the questions in our contact form. 

Yes it's that simple.

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Before and Afters

Maintaining a clean pond is crucial to the health of your fish and the beauty of your outdoor space.

Decomposing leaves and other debris that collect on the bottom of your pond release harmful byproducts into the water.


This contributes to bad odors and high levels of ammonia, nitrates, and tannins which feed algae blooms and can be dangerous         for your fish.

With our expert cleaning       services, your pond's water will be crystal clear with visibility straight to the bottom.
Making your backyard party ready

Our comprehensive pond cleaning checklist:

  • Removing fish safely to a temporary holding tank

  • Draining and washing the boulders and gravel

  • Removing leaves, branches, algae, and any excess organic debris

  • Cleaning filter mats in skimmer and biofalls

  • Lubricating the pump

  • Cleaning lights and aerators

  • Trimming back any overgrown plants

Don't hesitate, our schedule is filling fast. Book your pond cleaning service with us today. 

 MAY 2024 almost sold out.
2 Spots left LAST week of MAY!

We will respond within 24 Hours

Pond Cleaning How-To

Satisfied Customers


Gabby and Mike worked a miracle on our pond system. For years we had a gradually worsening leak that we and others could not find. They came, looked carefully, dug gently along the edges, and discussed possible causes and restorative options. Their detailed investigation unearthed the source of the leak which, with an initial quick fix, they tested over another week. Once they were certain the cause was found, they came back and completed a definitive and attractive repair. Their fee was excellent value for the service. I cannot recommend their kind expertise enough!

John L
Bethesda, MD

The Oasis owners provide phenomenal service (I.e. professionalism, friendly, shared step by step process prior to starting the job, timely, and they really care about ensuring you are knowledgeable on how to best take care of your pond, great suggestions and lastly warm and inviting) I was in awe with the hard work and the quality of service from beginning to end.Great, and Terrific Work Overall. I look forward to future work.

Catherine S
Chevy Chase, MD

Oasis Water Gardens was great - incredibly responsive and helpful. Took time to explain what was needed kindly and helped not only fix a tear in my pond liner but got the pond looking cleaner and healthier than it has been in 4 years!

Ryan L
Germantown, MD
Waterfall Construction

Mike and Gabby were attentive and great to work with. They replaced our old waterfall and transformed it into a beautiful new waterfall that we love looking at and listening to!

Preethi M
Poolesville, MD
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