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Do you like the idea of a low maintenance, fast installation water feature?

Pond 3.jpg

A pondless waterfall may be perfect for you.

"pondless waterfall" simply means a waterfall without a pond at the bottom. See how it works with the diagram below


Pondless waterfalls use an underground basin(Aquablox) to recirculate water from a (pondless waterfall vault) to a(waterfall spillway). Boulders and riverstone are used to disguise any components and create natural looking waterfalls!


Picture this: it's a gorgeous summer evening and you're hanging out by your waterfall with your favorite people. You're chowing down on some delicious food and sipping on a glass (or two) of vino. And in the background? The soothing sound of water cascading off of some totally rad rocks. It's like you're in your own private oasis, minus the expensive plane ticket!


Our waterfall pricing is based on four main factors: the waterfall's overall length, the size and type of boulders used, the slope of your yard, and access for delivering materials and equipment. Larger boulders, especially those requiring machinery to set in place, typically increase the cost. Though larger waterfalls pair well with bigger boulders for a striking effect, a mix of boulder sizes ensures a more natural and appealing look. We measure the length of waterfalls from where the water begins its descent to where it disappears into the basin.

4ft Pondless Waterfall

5ft Pondless Waterfall
5 Ft  Waterfall (20"drop)

8ft Pondless Waterfall

15 ft Pondless Waterfall

17ft Pondless Waterfall

20 ft Pondless Waterfall 
36" Drop

Pond 3.jpg
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